Looking for a Teletherapist?

This is a partial list of providers who offer teletherapy to clients residing in California. Please call your health insurance company for a complete list of participating providers. Teletherapy is virtual therapy that can be accessed from your home or anywhere using phone or video conferencing. 

If you find that your needs are not met by the first counselor you try, be sure to try another, as everyone has different styles and compatibilities.

Beth Sorensen Agnew, MA, LMFT, LPCC
Phone: (408) 834-6985
Email: beth.mft@gmail.com
Website: www.therapywithbeth.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Susan Alexander
Business name: Susan Alexander Therapy
Phone: (760) 834-1748
Email: susanalexandertherapy@gmail.com
Website: www.susanalexanderyoga.com
Accepts Insurance: IEHP

Dr. Talia Barach
Business name: California Women’s Therapy
Phone: (310) 862-9214
Email: DrTalia@CaliforniaWomensTherapy.com
Website: californiawomenstherapy.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Lital Diament
Business name: Diament Wellness LLC
Phone: (818) 519-2815
Email: ldiamentlmft@gmail.com
Website: www.diamentwellness.com
Accepts Insurance: Cigna, Aetna, Tricare, Lyra

Magdalene Holtam PhD
Business name: Feeling Good Institute
Phone: (650) 209-0555
Email: magdalene.holtam@gmail.com
Website: www.mountainviewcounseling.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Cathy Kreisel LCSW
Phone: (760) 456-9252
Email: cathy@cathykreisel.com
Website: www.cathykreisel.com
Accepts Insurance: Lyra Health, Modern Health

Elizabeth B McGee LCSW
Phone: (562) 544-4407
Email: ebmcgeelcsw@yahoo.com
Website: www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/elizabeth-burgos-mcgee-los-alamitos-ca/465739
Accepts Insurance: No

Gwendolyn Nelson-Terry LMFT
Phone: (619) 383-1900
Email: gwendolyn@gwendolynnelsonterry.com
Website: www.GwendolynNelsonTerry.com
Accepts Insurance: Cigna, United Health Care, Lyra

Jalena Rusaw
Business name: Horizon Counseling Center
Phone: (916) 752-896
Email: jalenarusaw@yahoo.com
Website: HorizonCounseling.org
Accepts Insurance: Anthem Medi-Cal, MHN/HealthNet Medi-cal

Alex Steric LCSW
Phone: (805) 796-3351
Email: alexstericlcsw@gmail.com
Website: www.alexstericlcsw.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Amy Swenson, LMFT
Phone: (408) 380-1208
Email: amyswensonlmft@gmail.com
Website: www.amyswensonmft.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Dr. Jordyn Trockman
Business name: California Women’s Therapy
Phone: (310) 526-5268
Email: DrJordyn@californiawomenstherapy.com
Website: www.californiawomenstherapy.com
Accepts Insurance: No

Helena Vissing, Psy.D
Phone: (310) 266-5554
Email: contact@helenavissing.com
Website: helenavissing.com
Accepts Insurance: Cigna

Marissa Zwetow
Phone: (949) 424-3034
Email: info@postpartumhappiness.com
Website: postparatumhappiness.com
Accepts Insurance: Aetna, Anthem, Kaiser

Supporting Mamas does not endorse or recommend the use of any specific medication or treatment modality. The service providers listed in this resource directory have not been screened or evaluated in any manner by Supporting Mamas. The listings should not be considered endorsements or recommendations either expressed or implied, by Supporting Mamas. Supporting Mamas is not liable for any actions taken by any of the therapists referenced on this list.

If you are a teletherapy provider who works with pregnant or new moms and you would like to be listed here, please fill in this questionnaire for review.