Looking for a Therapist?

This is a partial list of area providers who treat women with perinatal issues.  Please call your health insurance company for a complete list of participating providers.   


If you find that your needs are not met by the first counselor you try, be sure to try another, as everyone has different styles and compatibilities.

Maxine Becker, LCSW
Address: 10062 Pasadena Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone: (408) 207-2717
Email: mfbcounseling4u@gmail.com
Website: www.mfbcounseling.com

Rebecca Geshuri, MA LMFT
Business name: Family Tree Wellness
Address: 431 Monterey Avenue, Suite 7, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Phone: (408) 759-5017
Email: rebecca@familytreewellness.org
Website: www.familytreewellness.org

Julie Graham, Psy.D
Address: 467 Hamilton Ave, Suite 4, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone: (650) 328-3022

Laura G. Hastings, M.A.
Address: 851 Fremont Ave #106, Los Altos, CA
Address: 1101 S. Winchester Blvd., A101, San Jose, CA
Phone: (650) 533-8221
Email: laura@hastingstherapy.info
Website: www.hastingstherapy.info

Kara Hernandez, LMFT
Address: 16275 Monterey Road, Suite C, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Phone: (408) 718-1971
Email: kdh725@hotmail.com

Angela Jensen-Ramirez, LCSW
Business name: South Bay Parent Support
Address: 1836 Hamilton Ave, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (669) 242-0282
Email: Angelalcsw@SouthBayParentSupport.com
Website: www.southbayparentsupport.com/

Maria Rivas-Wolf, MFT
Address: 2485 Hospital Dr. Ste. 351
Mountain View, CA 94040
Phone: (650) 208-9815
Website: www.mrwolfmft.com

Eva Roodman CSW
Address: 1220 University Drive, Suite 102, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: (650) 714-1839
Email: Eva@evaroodman.com
Website: www.Evaroodman.com

Emily Rosenbaum M.A., NCC, AHPE
Professional Clinical Counselor Registered Intern (PCCI #1815)
supervised by Jonathan Bartlett, LMFT #48223
Phone: (408) 641-7353
Website: http://www.lifeisapuzzle.org/

Dani Salzer, LMFT
Business name: Family Tree Wellness
Address: 431 Monterey Avenue, Suite 7, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Phone: (408) 357-3025
Email: salzerda@gmail.com
Website: www.familytreewellness.org

Jacki Silber, LMFT
Business name: Sequoia Counseling Services
Address: 1601 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA 94002
Phone: (650) 260-4883
Email: jackisilber@gmail.com
Website: www.supportivesolutionsforyou.com/

Jessica Sorci, LMFT
Business name: Family Tree Wellness Center
Address: 431 Monterey Avenue, Suite 7, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Phone:(408) 345-5572
Email: Jessica@FamilyTreeWellness.org
Website: www.familytreewellness.org

Katherine Stromska, LMFT
Business name: Vibrant Oak Counseling
Address: 2156 The Alameda, Suite A San Jose, CA 95126
Phone:(408) 796-3736
Email: kate@vibrantoakcounseling.com
Website: www.vibrantoakcounseling.com

Karen Taylor, MFT
Address: 2155 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 203, Campbell CA 9505
Phone: (408) 455-8220
Email: karen@karenytaylor.com
Website: www.karenytaylor.com/

Jamie Van Zanen, LCSW
Business name: Family Tree Wellness
Address: 431 Monterey Avenue, Suite 7, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Phone: (408) 827-8865
Email: jamie@familytreewellness.org
Website: www.jamievanzanen.com

Elinor Wahrmann, MA, MFT Registered Intern
Address: 15810 Los Gatos Boulevard, Los Gatos
Phone: (650) 318-6590
Email: info@elinorwahrmann.com
Website: www.elinorwahrmann.com

Supporting Mamas does not endorse or recommend the use of any specific medication or treatment modality. The service providers listed in this resource directory have not been screened or evaluated in any manner by Supporting Mamas. The listings should not be considered endorsements or recommendations either expressed or implied, by Supporting Mamas. Supporting Mamas is not liable for any actions taken by any of the therapists referenced on this list.

If you are a local provider who works with pregnant or new moms and you would like to be listed here, please fill in this questionnaire for review.